Applying for higher education programmes?

Apply for higher education programmes taught in English in Denmark: University bachelor programmes, professional bachelor programmes and academy profession programmes.

Need help choosing a programme?

Uddannelsesguiden provides information on programmes taught in English and entry requirements.

eVejledning provides personal guidance on choice of study by chat, e mail, text messages and telephone daytime, nights and weekends.

Studievalg are regional centers that offer help if you have difficulties deciding which higher education programme to choose.

Aktuel information og driftstatus

Current information and operation status

30 July the applicants will receive an answer to their application

All applicants will receive an answer to their application 30 july. The answer will be send digital or by postal service. Read more about how you will receive the answer.

Vacant study places

From 30 July you can apply for vacant study places. Read more about vacant study places here or contact the educational institution.