Apply for higher education programmes

Here you can apply for higher education programmes taught in English in Denmark:
University bachelor programmes, professional bachelor programmes and academy profession programmes.

Apply before March 15, 12 noon (CET).

Live chat in English for EU-applicants

Are you going to apply for an education in Denmark?

As an EU and EEA citizen, you can participate in the live chat. In the live chat you will meet a guidance counsellor, who can help you in the process of applying for a higher education at

The counsellor cannot tell you about your chances for being admitted to certain programmes and cannot decide whether you meet the requirements for the different educations. But she can guide you to find the right person to ask for more information.

February 1, 2-4 pm (CET)

February 6, 2-4 pm (CET)

February 14, 2-4 pm (CET)

February 22, 2-4 pm (CET)

February 27, 2-4 pm (CET)

March 6, 2-4 pm (CET)

March 9, 2-4 pm (CET)

March 11, 2-4 pm (CET)

March 13, 2-4 pm (CET)

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