Apply with Power of Attorney

All applicants with a Danish CPR-number can apply for higher education programmes in Denmark with NemID from almost anywhere in the world. Applicants without a Danish CPR-number can also apply at by approving an application, printing and signing a signature page and send the signature page by postal service or handing it in in person at the educational institution where they are applying.

If an applicant is travelling and has not got access to the internet, the applicant can choose to grant power of attorney to another person to apply at on their behalf.

Let us assume that Steve is going to sail on an ocean from the end of January to the end of March and has to apply before March 15. In that period it is impossible for Steve to have access to the Internet.

Steve grants his mother power of attorney to apply.

Below you can read about how Steve and his mother are going to apply for a higher education programme in Denmark for Steve.

  1. Steve locates the form “Power of Attorney” at He prints and completes the form and signs it before he leaves.
  2. Steve makes sure, that his mother is provided with all his documents as PDF, to make sure that she can upload the documents as a part of his application at It is very important that Steve’s mother as a minimum has his documents concerning his entry qualifications.
  3. Steve makes sure that his mother has an e-mail address to use, when she is going to use
  4. When opens at February 1 (or at least some time before March 15) Steve’s mother enters
  5. Steve’s mother clicks on the blue arrow “Apply for Higher Education in English”. Steve has already told her, that in this area, you can only apply for programmes taught in English. If Steve wanted to apply for a programme taught in Danish, his mother should have chosen the pink arrow “Søg videregående uddannelse”. In that area you are able to apply for both Danish and English taught programmes, but the user interface is in Danish.
  6. At the next page Steve’s mother clicks on “Apply with Power of Attorney" in the menu “Useful information”.
  7. Steve’s mother reads the guide lines and starts to apply. At the first step she should state whether, Steve has a Danish CPR-number or not. If Steve has not got a Danish CPR-number she starts by giving her e-mail address. If Steve has a Danish CPR-number she should also provide with Steve’s CPR-number next to her e-mail address.
  8. Steve’s mother receives an e-mail from
  9. The mother opens the e-mail and clicks on the link.
  10. The mother states information about Steve, e.g. his address and entry qualifications.
  11. The mother uploads the necessary documentation as PDF and connects them to the programmes applied for by ticking the boxes at the tab Enclosures.
  12. The mother clicks on “Approve” button next to each education programme and prints a signature page.
  13. The mother signs the signature page. She is allowed to do so as she has got power of attorney.
  14. The mother sends the signature page and a copy of the power of attorney by postal service to the educational institution.
  15. The mother repeats step 13-15 for each programme that Steve wants to apply for (8 programmes as a maximum).

Apply with power of attorney – applicant with a Danish CPR-number

Apply with power of attorney – applicant without a Danish CPR-number